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In the quarter-century following the criminalization of slavery in the Gold Coast Colony and Protectorate, there are records of over 110 cases involving illegal enslavement, slave trade, and other crimes involving captivity. Many of these involved children, although few are as extensive as the testimony left behind by Abina Mansah. Some of these cases reflect the same sorts of themes, experiences, and strategies as are present in Abina's testimony, while others are quite different. Students, teachers, and scholars may find it useful to read the testimony of victims, witnesses, and dependents to get a broader vision of the meaning of Abina Mansah's testimony.

Below you will find a collection of such testimony, ranging from the late-eighteenth to the late-nineteenth centuries. We encourage you to download them and make use of them in your lectures.

Testimony from cases brought before the Magistrates of the Gold Coast, 1874-1890, PRAAD (Accra) files SCT (Supreme Court)
Collected by Trevor R. Getz
Last revised July 2009

  • SCT 5-4-15 Regina v Baifee 10 March 1875 — Testimony of Cudjoe and Yowah *

  • SCT 5-4-17 Regina v Narbonah, Ammo Bocaree, and Cudjoe Ahinaguah 16 November 1875 — Testimony of Towoobowey *

  • SCT 5-4-19 Regina v Q Agay and Q Duaffo 6 December 1876 — Testimony of Moosoomakkery *

  • SCT 5-4-19 v Acquassie Miriwah 1 December 1876 — Testimony of Eccoah Bimah *

  • SCT 17-5-6 Regina v Aceday Ancrah 5 October 1887 — Testimony of Aminah *

  • SCT 17-5-9 Regina v Afelu 25 March 1890 — Testimony of Alagi, Ramato (enslaved) and Lance Sgt Banoo Grunshie *

  • Ashy's Narrative ('Fantee'), transcribed by John Ford, 1799 *

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